Distributing Marking
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If the marking is to be distributed to more than one marker, you can then use the application to divide the marking project file into many project files that are then saved and given to the markers.  The application allows the distribution of marking based on two options.  Students can be allocated equally amongst the markers or via markers allocation list comprising of a students ID and associated marker ID.  Each marking project created is tagged with the markers ID to enable future moderation of the marking when complete.  


For moderation purposes a selected number of students can be included in all project files created.

For instance, we may have 3 designated markers and we want to put 5 students in each project so later you can compare the results of each assessor. The first 5 students in the list are placed in each project file along with a third of the remaining students.  The project files are saved into the location you specify and are named either using the Markers ID you enter or using the Base Name you specify and numbered 1, 2 & 3.  Each project file created contains a copy of the marking guide, the environment settings and the students allocated.


Refer to Divide / Extract Project for further instructions.