Edit Marking Guide Item Data
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All items within the marking guide can be adjusted during the marking process.  To view the Edit Item dialog, right click any marking guide item with the mouse.  The following dialog will be presented.  




Marks Value

If the item mark is greater than one, you may adjust the mark to suit your judgment for the item.  For instance an item may have a maximum of 3 marks allocated.  The mark may be adjusted by selecting the up or down arrow or typing in a valid value.  This mark will be reflected in the marking guide and the total mark adjusted once the dialog has been closed.  The mark only applies to the currently active student.


Item Comments

You may also provide a comment relating to the item that all students will receive if they loose marks for the particular item.  Unlike the Marks Value this comment does not relate to the particular student being marked but focuses on informing what was expected or possible correct answers that could have been supplied for the particular item.  Research suggests that markers tended to provide critical feedback to individual students rather than solutions.  This tends to slow the marking process down and does not provide the basis for quality feedback.  


Markers should make comments about the issues the students were misunderstanding, misinterpreting or provide examples of good work they considered useful and relevant.  This information is later merged with the other markers project files, providing a collection of observations and examples that the assessor or moderator can view, add and refine prior to the results being released to the students.


Item Description

The label associated with the item may be adjusted by editing the text as required.  


You may not change the total allowable mark for the item within this dialog.