Tools - Environment Settings
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The Environment Settings window contains the settings for where Marker's Assistant should look for data, output data and which programs it should use for specific file types. It contains four areas, each of which will be described in this article.


To display the Environment Settings window:


  1. Open the Tools menu.


  1. Select Environment Settings.





This specifies where output from Marker's Assistant is to be placed:





This area specifies where Marker's Assisstant will find the directories containing student submissions.



Project Settings


This area contains the setting for Marker's Assistant to automatically open student submissions. Marker's Assistant is designed with the assumption that most student submissions contain one Master file and that additional supplimental documents may be also be included.




     If more than one type of file can be submitted, multiple types may be defined.  For instance the student may submit:

All of which can be viewed by using the Master Program.  To specify multiple file types, seperate each type with a comma.

eg:   *.doc,*.rtf,*.txt

Markers Assistant will search for the first occurance of the *.doc, followed by *.rtf, followed by a *.txt file.  It will display the first file found.


Note  The Master File must be located inside a folder entitled with the individual student's Student ID.






There are three types of buttons on the Environment Setting Window. Each of these are described below.