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The following information is designed to highlight the various components of the assessment process and explains how the Marking Assistant can be used to manage each component.

Assessment of students is a major task undertaken by all teachers, lecturers and trainers at all education levels.
It can be defined as the process of obtaining information that is used to make educational decisions about students, to give feedback to the student about his or her progress, strengths, and weaknesses, to judge instructional effectiveness and curricular adequacy; and to inform policy (Dietel, et al, 1991). 

The assessment process generally consists of a number of tasks. These include: 

Assessment is more than just a process of evaluation. It is also a management issue where the assessor develops their own customised methods to complete the assessment process and record, manage and deliver student results (Stephens, et al, 1999). 

In an environment of ever increasing class sizes (Thomson, 2001), there is pressure on the assessors to ensure that the marking and feedback are always consistent and completed within the required timeframes. Individual lecturers are trying to deal with ever increasing amounts of assessment within a time bottleneck, which is a consequence of this individual approach to marking (Stephens, et al, 1999).

Markers Assistant is a software application designed to provide a single environment where assessors can create marking guides, load and view student details, search and view student submissions, record results against a marking guide, add comments and develop feedback, moderate assessment, deliver results, output summary results and enable the analysis of a variety of information related to the assessment.