Student List Files
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Student List Files contain information about the individual student. Loading a Student List File means that the students in the file are copied into a marking project file, this allows marking to commence. 


Typically one can create a Student List File to be re-used for multiple assignments throughout a whole semester or course. After having created the marking guide for each assignment the Student List File can be loaded into each project file.




Student list files are comma separated text files. These can contain up to five fields, and an optional header row. The general order of the fields is:


Student number,Student name,Student Group,Email Address,Marker Information







No spaces are needed between the commas. The following is an example of possible contents of a Student List File:


1001,Stud name1,Group A,,kdk

1002,Stud name2,Group B,,kdk

1003,Stud name3,Group B,,kdk

1004,Stud name4,Group B,,kdk

1005,Stud name5,Group B,,kdk


One student is allocated to each row, the start of a new row is automatically interpreted by Marker's Assistant as a new student. Marker's Assistant uses the commas as the separator between each field. The end of the final row signifies the end of the file.


Note  The order of fields in a Student List File does not need to be as described above, but it is recommended. If the field order in the Student List File varies from that described above, field mapping is a feature of Marker's Assistant to ease conversion.


Please see the topic Open Student List