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Marker's Assistant can automatically launch what is termed the Master Program to display the Master File. (These "Masters" are configured in Environment Settings). In order for Marker's Assistant to automatically launch the Master Program and File, a compatible directory structure of student submissions is required. Rexname, according to a predefined rules, will quickly and easily rename existing directories to a Marker's Assistant compatible format


To activate Rexname:


  1. Open the Tools menu.


  1. Select Rexname. The Rexname window will appear and it contains three  parts: Renaming RulesAdditional Paths, and Options.


  1. Complete each part of the Rexname window, according to the descriptions below.


  1. Click the button Launch Rexname.


The rest of this article details each of the three parts of the Rexname window.


Renaming Rules


The renaming rules are located at the top of the Rexname window and are contained on the two tabs: Batch File and Search/Replace. Either of two rule types can be implemented, but atleast one of them must contain valid information for Rexname to function.






Additional Paths


There are two additional paths which must contain valid entries in order for Rexname to work. Use the Browse button to navigate the directory structure, locate the appropriate information to enter into the following textboxes described below:






There are a number of options available to control how Rexname functions. Each of the following are a checkbox in Rexname:











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