Rexname Script File
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A Rexname Script File is a pre-defined list used for renaming a directory structure so that it is compatible with Marker's Assistant so it can automatically opens Master Programs and Files.


The Rexname Script File contains a list of folders matching (or partially matching) the current student submission directory and the new names to be assigned to each folder. This file is setup manually, but can be reused numerous times.


Not including the symbols < and >, the format of a Rexname Script File is:
<Regular Expression><TAB><Replacement Text>





Below is an example of a Rexname Script File. In the first line the Regular Expression is "AARON\ DALABRO", and the Replacement Expression is "123456789". After reading this file Rexname will rename all folders  cotaining "AARON\ DALABRO" with "123456789". This will occur using each line in the Rexname Script File:

AARON\ DALABRO        123456789
AARON\ LEE\ MCDOWELL        456789123
ADAM\ LEFTWELL        654321987
ADAM\ DAVID\ DUXON        789123456


Setup the Rexname Script File, name it with a .txt ending. Save this file for multiple uses.


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