Student Comments and Adjustments
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In addition to the item comments the markers can also provide additional feedback via specific comments to specific students.  These comments are only seen by that student.  


This facility enables information regarding elements within their submission to be highlighted and if required an adjustment be made to the marks allocated.  The adjustment marks can either add or remove marks from the student or simply be a comment with no adjustment applied.   The comments allow for areas within the marking guide that may be lacking to be addressed where required.  For example, a comment and associated adjustment can be applied where the submission was late, or perhaps marks are awarded to reward work that was supplied but not considered in the marking guide.  Each comment added is stored against the particular student and is also placed in a general repository where it can be reused if it is relevant to another student during the marking process.  A list of all comments made for all students is available for analysis.  



Adding a <New> Comment

  1. Double click the <New> text in the first row of the Student Comments and Adjustments dialog.


  1. Enter the comment and any associated adjustments as required.  


  1. Select OK to save the comment.


The comment will be stored in the All Comments List box alphabetically.


Adding and existing Comment from the All Comments list

  1. Select the comment you want to add with the Right mouse button and select Add from the popup menu or Double click the comment with Left mouse button.


The comment will be added to the Student Comments and Adjustments list and adjustments made to the marks total.


Edit a Comment

  1. Select the comment you want to edit with the right mouse button and select Edit from the popup menu.


  1. Adjust the text and / or the associated adjustment mark.


  1. Select OK to save the Comment.


If the comment has been changed it will also saved to the All Comments List but the old comment will also remain unchanged.


Delete a Comment

  1. Select the comment you want to delete with the right mouse button and select Delete from the popup menu.


  1. The Comment and the associated adjustment mark will be deleted.


The comment will not be deleted from the All Comments list.