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This command guides you through the process of developing a new assessment project.  There are four components involved in developing a new project. 

The new project contains all the information needed to mark a group of students for a particular assignment. It records all the necessary data on which Marker's Assistant carries-out its tasks. Project files can be stored, transmitted to, and edited on another computer running the same version of Marker's Assistant. 




The project file contains a number of data components:








The following steps provide an overview of how to create a new project file:


  1. Open the File menu.


  1. Select Create New Project. This will bring forth a Preferences dialog box. A number of parameters which effect the whole project are set here.

Normally you would set the Marking Guide Description fields, set the submission date for the assessment and set the General and Results Output options.  You can change all the values within this dialog at any stage during the marking.


  1. Enter the appropriate value for each parameter.  Click the OK button.


  1. Create Marking Guide dialog box will be displayed.  Within this dialog you build your marking guide by specifying the assessment criteria and associated marks.  It is important to spend some time getting this component correct as you cannot change the marking guide structure and marks once students have been loaded.  


  1. Build the marking guide.  Click the Save button. 


  1. An Environment Settings dialog box will be displayed.  The environment settings enable you to indicate where you want all output, backups etc to be stored, where any electronic submissions are located, what program you want to use to display the submissions and information to help Markers Assistant find those submissions.  These settings can be adjusted at any time during the marking process.


  1. Enter the appropriate value for each parameter.  Click the OK button.


  1. A dialog box will then prompt for opening a Student List.  This attaches a list of Students to the marking guide designed earlier.  If you open a student list you will not be able to edit the marking guide.   Select No if you do not want to load a student list.  You may load a student list at any time during the design process.


  1. Select the Student List File (if desired at this time).


  1. Click the OK button. 


  1. Select Save As to save the project data to the desired file name and location.


  1. This completes the creation of a new project. The new project file will be opened, and displayed in Marker's Assistant. The first student is also displayed.


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