Delivery of Results
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Once the moderation is complete the assessor examines each items comments entered by the markers.  


The assessor then refines these comments to provide adequate information that addresses any potential queries that may arise where student have lost marks for an item.  It should be noted that the item comments will only appear within the studentís results where they have lost marks for that comment.  Therefore a student with low marks will receive more feedback than a student that did well.  This is considered targeted feedback.  This type of approach is used based on research that suggests that students do not read their feedback and are more concerned with the final grade where their result is comparable to their perceive level of effort.  In these cases the student will accept the result and not investigate why (Wotjas, 1998).  It is only those students that feel the grade does not reflect their perceived effort that will demand feedback.  Targeted feedback therefore provides this type of information by providing an explanation of the desired or expected result only where the student requires an explanation.  Also if the feedback is not a criticism but a collection of solutions then the students must use their own judgement to discover the areas they need refinement, thereby encouraging them to think of the solution rather than the error they made.  This is a subtle approach that seems to benefit both the student and the assessor.  


Once the item comments are complete, the assessor can then send the results to the students via their email address.


Each student will receive an email containing a copy of the marking guide, their marks for each item within the marking guide, any specific comments about their work and where the student lost marks for a particular item, a symbol is used to direct the student to any associated item comments.