Tools - Display Other Files
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If more than one file is submitted as part of an assignment. This command attempts to display all submitted files as plain text. This command includes the Master File.


A new window comes forth, with a tab across the top for each file. Editing may be done to each of the displayed files, and those changes can be saved and a backup made of the old file.


Note There is no Save As feature, edited files can only be saved using their original name.


To activate this command:


  1. Open the Tools menu.


  1. Select Display Other Files. 



  1. Click the tab of the file to be displayed.


  1. Click the Save button to make permanent any changes made to the text file.


  1. Click the Close button to hide the Other Files window.


Note : Sometimes files that are created using Unix will not display properly.  Generally new line chanracters are not recognised and formatting is lost.  If this is occurring you may use the Convert Unix to DOS in Other Files option in the Preferences dialog to fix the problem.