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If a project file contains numerous students there may be multiple markers. Marker's Assistant can divide a project file into multiple subproject files to be assigned to individual markers. Use the Divide / Extract Project command to create these subproject files. Subproject files contain a subset of students from the original project file or subset of the marking guide. Each subproject contains the same marking guide as in the original project file. 


There are numerous benefits to dividing and re-merging files:





Dividing Methods


After creating a project file containing a marking guide and a complete list of students to be assessed, then division can take place. 


To divide a project:


  1. Open the File menu.


  1. Select Divide / Extract Project. This brings the Divide / Extract Projects window forth.




  1. Select one of the following three methods for dividing a project file into subproject files: 





Each high level item in the marking guide can be used to identify and seperate elements in a marking guide that can be allocated to a new project along with the complete student list.  In the example above, two projects will be created.  The first project will contain all items from the Raw Data and all item up to the Graphs item.  The second project file will contain all items from the Graphs item to the end of the marking guide. 






  1. Select and complete the desired naming options. There are four options to select from:




        - SCC 306 Assignment 1_1.mpj

        - SCC 306 Assignment 1_2.mpj

        - SCC 306 Assignment 1_3.mpj



  1. Select OK to generate the subproject files. Changes made in this dialog box are saved.




Once all marking is completed, the subproject files can be merged back into a master project file. This allows for statistics on the whole to be calculated, and results to be emailed at the same time. 


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