Tools - Edit Marking Guide
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The Marking Guide Editor window contains controls that enable you to build a structure marking guide.


To display the Marking Guide Editor:


  1. Open the Tools menu.


  1. Select Edit Marking Guide.



Note  A marking guide may not be edited while any students are loaded into the current project.


  1. Marking Guide Outline Area, This is the large white area at the top of the Marking Guide Editor window. 

This area will contain items. There are two types of items. 

By default, this area contains one item (or line), "Select Edit Item to change the description". Clicking on the item activates the Item Description text box below the Marking Guide Outline Area. Changing the text in the Item Description text box and then clicking Update button will change the text of the original line. Concurrently one can determine whether an item is a heading item or a mark item. 
Leave the check mark next to the option Heading, and the item will remain a heading item. Remove the check mark next to the option Heading, and the item selected in the Marking Guide Outline Area becomes a marking item.
Heading items typically contain marking items; whereas marking items generally do not, but can contain other marking items. Each marking item must have a value between one and 1000 inclusive, any other values result in a warning.


  1. The Update button is used to implement the changes made for a particular item. 
    Note  Marker's Assistant has no limit on the nesting of items inside each other.


  1. Add, Clicking on this button will display an additional item in the Marking Guide Outline Area.  (Limit of 60 item)
    Items can be moved at any time in the Marking Guide Outline Area, by clicking on an item and holding down with the left mouse button, one can drag the selected item onto another item. Releasing the mouse button will cause the moved item to become nested. Nested means that one item contains another item as a subitem. Upon nesting a higher level item will display a plus symbol '+' in a box to its left. By clicking on the plus symbol the nested item (or subitem) will be displayed below and to the right of the higher level item. Concurrently, the plus symbol becomes a minus symbol. Click the minus symbol again to reverse the process.


  1. Expand All, Implementing this feature will expand all nested items fully. This is a quick way to display all items in the Marking Guide Outline Area.


  1. Collapse All, Activating this button hides all nested items so that only the highest level items are displayed.


  1. Delete, Implementing this button deletes the current item selected in the Marking Guide Outline Area. This action is not reversible and there is no deletion confirmation.


  1. Delete All, Activating this button deletes all items in the Marking Guide Outline Area. There is a deletion confirmation to ensure all items are not accidentally removed.


  1. Copy, Highlight an item and then click the Copy button to duplicate the highlighted item.


  1. Cancel, Closes the Marking Guide Editor window and does not save any changes that were made.


  1. Save, Clicking Save stores changes made to the Marking Guide.  


Note  Selecting Save does not mean that changes to the marking cannot be made in the future. However once a list of students is loaded the marking guide cannot be changed. It is therefore advisable to make a copy of the project file before loading the list of students in case a change to the marking guide is needed.