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If two subproject files contain the exact same marking guide they can be merged into one project file. This is useful when a project has been divided among multiple markers into subproject files, and must be merged back into one file. 


In order to merge two subproject files, one project must be already open in the program Marker's Assistant, this file is called the Active Project File. The contents of the second project file, called the Incoming Project File will then be merged into the (already open) Active Project File. Therefore when a merge is completed the Active Project File contains both its original contents, plus the contents of the Incoming Project File.


When merging two project files the issue of duplicate students can arise. Marker's Assistant determines that a duplicate of a student exists when two students have the same Student ID. There are a number of methods for handling duplicate students. They are outlined in step five. 


To merge two projects:


  1. Open one of the subproject files which is to contain the contents of another subproject file.


  1. Open the File menu.


  1. Select Merge Projects. The Merge Projects dialog box will appear.



  1. Enter the Incoming Project File name that is to merge with the Active Project File, or use the  button to traverse the directory structure and select the Incoming Project File that is to merge with the Active Project File.


  1. Select from the four methods for handling duplicate students:






  1. Consider three additional options.





  1. Select the OK button.


Note  All projects to be merged must have the same marking criteria.


Please see the topic Divide/Extract Project.