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When the marking is complete the assessor saves the results and returns the completed project file to the principle assessor for moderation.  The marking project files are then merged into one marking project file ready for moderation, analysis, refinement and distribution to the students.


At this stage the moderation process can begin.  Moderation is the process of evaluating the marking from all markers for accuracy and consistency.  Markers Assistant provides a number of tools to enable various views of the marking to be created.  These include statistics relating to all or groups of results, results summaries and the sorting and viewing of groups of selected students via the Student Manager.


A view of the overall marking statistics can provide an insight into the performance of the students as a group and an analysis of the individual items in the marking guide can reveal either areas where the students need more clarification or where the assessment criteria was vague and potentially misinterpreted by the students.  This type of analysis is rarely available using traditional manual assessment processes.  


A typical moderation could consist of one or all of the following:

  1. Viewing each markers completed marking statistics via the Student Manager dialog and comparing them with the other markers to ensure there is consistency. 
  2. Identifying the students selected for moderation when you divided the projects and comparing the marking for each assessor by exporting the results to a spreadsheet.
  3. Randomly selecting students or sorting them appropriately and reviewing the marking.
  4. Export the student results to a spreadsheet for further examination.