File - Open Remote / Project File

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This command allows the user to open an existing project stored on a remote network that is accessed via the current Internet connection.


After selecting this command a dialog box will appear requesting four items needed for connection.

  1. Host, Enter the URL or the IP address the file server that contains.


  1. Login, Enter the username name.


  1. Password, Enter the password for the username above.


  1. Domain, Enter the domain of the network which is being accessed.



Open Existing Project does not refer only to opening files stored on the current machine running Marker's Assistant, but also allows the user to open files stored on "mapped network drives".


To activate this command:


  1. Open the File menu.


  1. Open the submenu Open Existing.


  1. Select Project File. An open dialog box will appear.



  1. Navigate the directory tree to locate the desired project file.


  1. Double click the desire project file.


  1. Click Open if necessary. If the file selected is a valid Marker's Assistant project file, the first student (or last student accessed in this file, if previously edited) will be displayed along with the marking guide.


  1. Begin marking.