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The Open Student List dialog box is accessible both via the Student menu and also during initial setup of a new project. Use this dialog box to select a tab separated or comma separated text file containing student information.


To open a student List:


  1. Open the Student menu.


  1. Select Open Student List.



  1. Click the Browse button. This brings an Open dialog box forth. Use this dialog box to traverse the directory structure and select the file containing student information.


  1. Highlight the student list file.


  1. Click the Open button. This displays the path and file name in the text box entitled Student List File Path. If the student list contains more than one row of properly formatted information, the first few entries of the text file will appear in horizontal lines in the Data Order area.


  1. Select the matching Data Order, An opened student list file having the proper format will display the first few entries of the file in this area. There are five data types or fields available. The fields in the text file can be in any order.
    Use the drop down lists to select the field type that best matches the order of fields in the student list text file.Where the students' names appear select Name from the drop-down list. Repeat this action for each applicable field: User ID (or student number), Email address, Group, and Marker Name. Each item in the drop-down lists can only be used once, attempting otherwise will result in a warning and the inability to proceed.
    Note  It is not necessary to use all the fields, but select the most appropriate field for each exisiting item. It is especially important to select the Email for email addresses as is needed for sending emails. Selecting the wrong field may result in the inability to send emails after marking is complete. It is equally important that User ID (or student number) contain a value as Marker's Assistant uses the User ID for automatically identifying and opening student submissions for marking.


  1. Mark the check box Ignore First Line or Fields as appropriate. Check this box if your student list contains a header line at the top of the student list file. Checking this tells Marker's Assistant to ignore existing header titles.


  1. Select the OK button to load the student list into the project file.


Two other buttons exist on the Student List dialog box. They are described below:




Please see the topic Proper Formatting of Student List Files.