Organising Submissions
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A major strength of the Markers Assistant is its ability to take advantage of the inherent nature of electronic submissions.  Files submitted electronically can be organised in structured ways enabling an application to automatically find, retrieve and display these files using software designated by the assessor.  


Many of the submission tools available and used in online learning environments allow for submissions to be organised into folders identified by a unique identifier.  Markers Assistant provides the facilities to setup the environment where the student submission can be retrieved by matching the student unique identifier to the corresponding folder and one or more files accessed and displayed via an application defined in the Environment Settings dialog. 


Markers Assistant can retrieve and run a given file and application automatically greatly reducing the time required to find, identify and run a given submission.


In this example the submissions have been organised under the Unit Code, Assignment folder and then placed in individual folders identified by the Student Number.  All files relating to each student are then stored in their respective student folders.


Markers Assistant uses the Student Number as the unique identifier within the student list to automatically identify the student folder and to search and retrieve student files. 


The Environment Settings dialog allows you to specify the following:

  1. Location of the submission eg: C:/SCC306/Assignment-1 


  1. The Master File types that should be searched for.  eg:  *.doc, *.rtf, *.txt


  1. Master Program that will be used to display the student files.  eg:  to run Microsoft Word C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\WINWORD.exe


Using this information the Markers Assistant can append the student Number to Location of the submissions.

eg:  C:/SCC306/Assignment-1/92643434


If the folder exists, the application then tries to find any file with a doc, rtf or txt extension as indicated.


If one is found the application then uses the Application defined to run and display the file found.

eg:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\WINWORD.exe C:/SCC306/Assignment-1/92643434/ass1.doc


You may also provide arguments that control the way the Master Program behaves when run.  These argument are specific to each application and you should consult the help for each application as required.