Tools - Student Manager
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The student manager provides the opportunity to carry out a number of automated features upon either all students in a project or a select subset of students. There are three main features available in the Student Manager, each of these: SearchingFiltering, and Actioning; are described in detail.


To display the Student Manager:


  1. Open the Tools menu.


  1. Select Student Manager.





All students in the current project are available for selection using the Student Manager window. Searching uses three items: the Search Options drop-down menu, the Value text box, and the visible Student List.


To activate this feature:


  1. Select a search criteria from the Search Options drop-down menu.


  1. Enter appropriate text in the Value text box.


  1. Click the Do button above the visible Student List. Results matching the search will appear with check marks in the ID column of the visible Student List.


Once the desired group of students has check marks next to their ID either Filtering or an Actioning features can be carried out.


Note  The search feature is case sensitive.


Filtering (Optional)


Once an initial subset of students has been determined using the Search feature; subsequent filtering of the resultant subsets can be done.


To filter a resultant subset:


  1. Select an option from the Currently Selected Items drop-down list. There are three items to choose between and each of them described below:





  1. Re-assign the next search option using the Searching feature as described above.


  1. Click the Do button located above the visible Student List.




The final feature available is Actioning. Use this command to carry out the desired action on a subset of students, selected using the Search and/or Filtering features.


To activate this command:


  1. On the Tools menu, click Student Manager.


  1. Select the the appropriate student subset.


  1. Select from the following on the Action drop-down list:










  1. Click the OK button.